The promotion of the favorable policies of the National Belt and Road Initiative, with the AULAND influence and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, Attracted the attention of a group of African foreign customers.

On 2nd November , our partner who had already cooperated with us for two orders, visited our company for the first time and conducted business negotiations on long-term cooperation matters. Mr. Anderw Lee, the chairman of the company, and manager warmly welcomed the guests from afar. The customers have been in China for half a month. After the Canton Fair, they visited Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces, as a local market with many years of building materials industry, with a wide range of procurement products and large demand, has strict evaluation requirements for suppliers’ company strength and product quality.


The customer first came to the workhouse, talking about: coating technology, difference thickness difference performance, installation methods, accessories, processing methods, etc…. raised a series of product expertise related issues. Andrew and Felicia both provided detailed answers to the questions.


Business meetings

After visited the panel and decorative film workshop, the customer affirmed the production strength, quality control and color development capabilities. The customer mainly used the panel for curtain wall and cabinet. For the product knowledge problems encountered before, detailed talking and communicating, including the difference between PE and PVDF of the roll coating process, the high gloss film, the bending performance of different thicknesses, the processing and installation of the cabinet, the matching of the aluminum edge strip fittings…

After understanding the product and company strength, in order to strengthen the long-term cooperation in the future, the customer put forward their own requirements for T/T, L/C payment method and color card model service, then determined the solution in this meeting.


Since establishment, Sifon Industrial has been mainly engaged in the development of the international market. It has 16 years of experience in working with foreign companies for a long time. Nowadays, domestic brand PANACHE has also been Known. The company’s strength and product quality have been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

We firmly believe that the Belt and Road cooperation promoted by China will become the road of opportunity and prosperity for China-Africa cooperation. AULAND sincerely invites more partners to go forward together, take root and symbiosis.